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Unified Profiles

Your FederatedIdentity.com profile is your single, portable repository for all the information about you. This information is completely under your control. You determine what parts of it are made public, what parts remain private, and when and o whom that data may be made available.

Single Sign On

As we send more of our time and money online, the trustworthiness of our interactions has become veer more critical. And the key to trust is to know with whom you are communicating with. FederatedIdentity.com offers a wide array of technologies that you can use to verify all or parts of your own Identity, and to check if the people you are commuting with have verified identities themselves.

Activity Hub

Most websites ask for an extended, repetitive amount of information in order to use their application. FederatedIdentity.com accelerates that process by allowing you to sign in to websites with a single click.

Supported Platforms

  • Epik.com

    Epik is a leading full-service ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and host. With operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, we provide 24/7 access to a robust and secure domain name management platform.

  • Anonymize

    Anonymize.com offers industry-leading solutions for Virtual Private Network (VPN), private email and other web privacy tools.

  • Armored.net

    Armored.net provides secure cloud-based file storage with end to end encryption with one-time forever plans.

  • BitMitigate

    BitMitigate provides advanced solutions for resiliency, including Content Delivery Networking, Site Optimization, and Denial of Service Mitigation.

  • CloudChase.com

    Bunker Hosted resilient servers that will guarantee resource exclusivity.

  • CustomerSupport.Co

    Cost-effective and versatile solution for online chat support with integrated ticketing system.

  • DNEncrypt

    DNEncrypt leverages the market-leading hosting and domain services of Epik and the SSL expertise of Sectigo to provide you with the best possible website security services.

  • DNProtect

    The Internet's leading risk management service for internet domain names.

  • Domain Equity

    Peer to peer lending marketplace for domain names.

  • Hi.Tv

    Online meeting platform for public and private events with video, screen share, live chat and more.

  • NameBrokers.com

    NameBrokers.com finds, acquires, and places high value digital assets for complete market domination. NameBrokers is backed by Epik.com.

  • NameInvestors

    NameInvestors, The Wold's first powerful All In One Widget Toolbox for domainers, absolutely free.

  • NameLiquidate

    NameLiquidate.com is a fast paced marketplace for liquidity by placing your domains in a reverse auction for 168 hours.

  • Sibyl Hosting

    Sibyl provides world class solutions for resilient hosting, including VPS, Dedicated Servers, Colocation and managed OpenStack.

  • Toki

    Toki is a decentralized search engine, capable of running on any Toki server. It is designed to be anonymous, private and censorship-resistant.

  • TrustRatings

    TrustRatings.com is a holistic solution for website trust assessment which any site can afford to deploy, and no site can afford to be without!

  • US.TV

    A decentralized alternative to YouTube built on the PeerTube standard for interoperability and syndication of ActivityPub.

  • WatchMask

    A tool for watching online videos without being tracked, and part of the Anonymize.com family of privacy products.

  • Websites.org

    A free online service to download optimized versions of entire websites for fast and private offline viewing.

  • WhoQ.com

    WhoQ.com is a GDPR-compliant solution for WHOIS records that works for conventional and blockchain domains which leaves registrants in control of their public data.

  • FederatedIdentity.com

    SSO service of Epik, Inc.

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