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Main Features

Main Features

Unified Profile

Your Idenitty.net profile is your single, portable repository for all the information about you. This information is completely under your control. You determine what parts of it are made public, what parts remain private, and when and o whom that data may be made available.


As we send more of our time and money online, the trustworthiness of our interactions has become veer more critical. And the key to trust is to know with whom you are communicating with. Identity.net offers a wide array of technologies that you can use to verify all or parts of your own Identity, and to check if the people you are commuting with have verified identities themselves.

Single Sign On

Most websites ask for an extended, repetitive amount of information in order to use their application. Identity.net accelerates that process by allowing you to sign in to websites with a single click. Basic profile information (such as your name, birth date and location) can be stored through your profile and used to pre-populate registration forms, so you spend more time engaging with a website and less time filling out registration pages.

Online Support

For More information you can contact Support at
email support@federatedidentity.com

Media contacts

155 108th Ave NE Suite 810 Bellevue, WA 98004