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Take Control of Your Identity

Your Profile

Your identity.net profile is the foundation of everything we do. It is a central location for all the information about you. It can range from your name and age, to a list of all your other online accounts, to your entire employment history.

But the key to your profile is that you have complete and absolute control over what pieces of information are public, and what are kept private. Identity.net takes data privacy extremely seriously, and does everything possible to ensure that you are the final arbiter of what aspects of your online identity are made available to others, and under what conditions.

Data Portability

Since the content of the profile is yours -- in fact, it is you -- we believe that you should have complete control over it, including the ability to use that information elsewhere. Far too many social networking sites are "walled gardens", happy to let you enter information into your profile, but unwilling to let you use it elsewhere.

Identity.net is a strong believer in ensuring that your data is portable. Data portability enables a borderless experience, where people can move easily between network services, reusing data they provide while controlling their privacy and respecting the privacy of others.

With data portability, you can bring your identity, friends, conversations, files and histories with you, without having to manually add them to each new service. Each of the services you use can draw on this information relevant to the context. As your experiences accumulate and you add or change data, this information will update on other sites and services if you permit it, without having to revisit others to re-enter it.

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