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About Identity.net

What is identity.net?

Nearly every website on the web requires you to register and login with a Username and Password. Your personal information is scattered amongst dozens of web sites. It is impossible to control your identity if your information is not centrally stored, managed and controlled. Identity.net allows you to control your identity by deciding what information you want people to know about you and share only what you want to share. You can now create a central personal profile, build versions of your identity (RepSheets) and share each identity to relevant recipients.

Why do I need identity.net?

Identity.net permits you to create up to 5 separate identities or RepSheets all linked to your central account. Each RepSheet has its own distinct webpage, for instance, http://myname.identity.net which are completely unlinkable with your other RepSheets. Each RepSheet can comprise separate profiling data created for the sole purpose of the intended recipient. Your RepSheet for an employment search may be very different from a RepSheet created for a social network. Also instead of entering profiling data into each social network website, you are able to direct the social network to your RepSheet and pull the relevant data rather than retyping it again. Retain control over your information and don’t get locked into any one site through a requirement to re-register.

What is the cost of identity.net?

Registration on identity.net is free and will always be free.

How is my privacy protected?

The privacy and safekeeping of your personal information is our top priority. Your contact information will never be shared with third parties, nor will you be the subject of spam as a result of joining this program. The information held by identity.net is secure and protected by sophisticated privacy technology. All data is stored in encrypted format with tightly controlled electronic access. For further information please review our privacy policy.

What if I forget my Username or Password?

If you forget your Username, please click here and we will send it to you.

If you forget your Password, please click here and we will send you a new password. To modify that password:

- Log in to your account

- Select the ‘Manage Account’ tab on your Dashboard

- Modify your ‘Password’

Open ID

What is OpenID?

OpenID is a unique internet platform that allows you to use one identity to surf the net without having to register or login to every website your visit. Sites that are OpenID compliant list a special field for your OpenID account instead of the regular 'Username' and Password login. Your identity.net account doubles as an OpenID account for Single Sign-On convenience. For more information about what OpenID is and how to use it go to http://openid.net/what

What is my specific OpenID?

Your OpenID is your Identity.net 'Username' followed by '.identity.net'. In other words your RepSheet url. For instance, if your 'Username' was 'myname' your OpenID would be 'myname.identity.net' just as your RepSheet url is http://myname.identity.net.

When would I want to use my OpenID?

OpenID provides the option of entering sites without the need to register or enter your 'Username' and 'Password'. You would use your OpenID on any OpenID compliant website. Please note that OpenID is a new concept and while the sites listed as OpenID compliant may, on the one hand, immediately accept your OpenID account, other sites may not and instead will require you to submit (once only) some additional information that will allow you to return and enter their sites.

Where can I use my OpenID?

There are many sites on the internet that are OpenID compliant and the list is growing every day, For more information about where you can use your OpenID go to http://openid.net/where.